Counselling Supervision in Sherwood

I offer both one to one supervision and also group supervision

I am now offering online supervision and telephone supervision

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“We all grow best when we feel safe enough to be challenged, safe enough to be adventurous, safe enough to disclose and admit mistakes – when we’re not afraid of exposure. We grow best when equality is present and power is available to each and … where responsibility can be negotiated and promises made and held to. In such a relationship, what was opaque can become clear and what has been in the darkness can be enjoyed in the light”
(Cochraine and Newton, 2018)

This is the space I hope and intend to create with you as your supervisor – a space that offers and encourages opportunity, transparency and spontaneity. A space that is not shaming, but full of curiosity and exploration. A space in which together, we can look at self, process, therapeutic relationships and practice.

Person-Centred Supervision

As a person centred supervisor, I believe the quality of our relationship is central to creating such a space, and I will endeavour to offer a collaborative relationship with you that is both supportive to yourself and therefore to your practice. I hope this relationship will foster authenticity between us, for yourself and within your counselling. I will hold trust in you as a practitioner, holding your training and experience in regard, and respectfully offer attention to areas of practice that require it. I will also be mindful of our ethical commitments and responsibilities in our work together, and help you to work towards and within recognised professional standards.

Experience and Qualifications

  • I have been in counselling practice since 2006, and my previous counselling experience includes work with Counselling Xtra, Rape Crisis Nottingham (now known as Nottinghamshire Sexual Violence Support Services) and the Carers Federation. I established my own independent counselling practice in 2014
  • I currently work with a number of supervisees one to one, who either work within organisations or in private practice.
  • I also provide online group supervision within SAIL (SAIL Derbyshire – Sexual Abuse and Incest Line)
  • Post-Graduate (PG) Certificate in Counselling Supervision
  • BA(Hons) First Class Degree in Humanistic Counselling Practice
  • Certificate in Online and Telephone Counselling
  • I’m a registered and senior accredited member of the NCPS (National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society). Membership no: NCS23-01406


I offer a free initial session as an opportunity for us to meet and for you to explore if this supervisory relationship feels right for you. If you wish to continue your supervision, my fee is £50 for one hour, and £75 for 1.5 hours for one to one appointments. My group supervision fee is dependent on the number of attendees and duration of the group. An example would be £60 per hour for a group of 4 people.

If you would find it helpful, you are very welcome to contact me for an initial conversation.